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OUR Vision and mission

ITM More Than Conquerors Intl. Tabernacle, is a body of believers who understand “The Great Commission” given to them by the Lord Jesus Christ immediately after His resurrection Matthew 28:16-20; Mark 16:14-18; and Acts 1:1-11. We understand “The Great Commission” was given because God so loved the world and He is not willing that any should perish but that all men would be saved through His Son Jesus Christ, and to come unto the knowledge of truth. Therefore as ambassadors of Christ with the ministry of reconciliation, we are committed to preach and teach the word of reconciliation to every creature telling them to repent, and believe the gospel (the good news) and to be reconciled with God.


ITM More Than Conquerors Intl. Tabernacle, is committed to fulfilling the Lord Jesus Christ’s “Great Commission”; preaching, teaching, healing, casting out devils, speaking with new tongues, and the baptizing of new creatures in Christ.

ITM More Than Conquerors Intl. Tabernacle, is committed to teaching all “new creatures in Christ” the Incorruptible word of faith, grace, and peace until Christ be formed in them, and their minds renewed until they have a sound mind, and realize that they have the mind of Christ and are no longer to be conformed to this world (systems) but to be transformed into the image of Him that created them in the beginning.  


ITM More Than Conquerors Intl. Tabernacle, is committed to teaching all “new creatures in Christ” the revelation knowledge of the “New Testament” so that they will know who they are in Christ, what they can do in Christ, and what Christ has done for them. Before the cross, when He was crucified on the cross, when He was buried, when He descended into the lower parts (hell) of the earth, when He arose from the dead, when He put His blood on the mercy seat in the heavenly court, and when He sat down on the right hand of the Father He became our intercessor, mediator, advocator, and the surety of the better covenant which was established upon better promises. Thereby making us “More Than Conquerors Through Him” and bring them into the realization that; “…as he is, (The Lord Jesus Christ, Messiah, Yeshua) so are we (as new creatures in Christ) in this world” (I John 4:17b).

Our Values


ITM More Than Conquerors Intl. Tabernacle, is committed to achieving our mission by exhibiting righteousness and kingdom values to all men and women.


Objective: We will perform our mission faithfully, without partiality to every creature.


Courtesy: Our mission will be executed in a respectful, benevolent, considerate, and compassionate manner towards all people regardless of race, creed, color, or religion. 


Excellence: We will strive by being obedient to the word of God and by being doers of the word first, and by being led by the Holy Spirit, by self-discipline, by individual and congregational growth in the grace of God and consistency in performing our obligations of “The Great Commission”. 


Accountability: Exhibiting integrity and honest actions through our and deeds at all times. Our objective will be met with a spirit of dedication while maintaining a high standard of the Word of God and exercising our uncompromising impartiality to preach, teach, and perform all of the duties and responsibilities of “The Great Commission” as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ.   


Noble: We are thankful for the reputation and integrity that our ministry has built over the years through being faithful in prayer and to the ministry of preaching and teaching the incorruptible, uncompromising word of God. We are forever committed to continuing this through our diligent commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ’s “Great Commission”.  

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